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India’s Home Of Fantasy Cricket!

Would you like to try your understanding of sport? Relax, you have come to the right place to play fantastic sport with the largest community in the country.

Galicrickets is a one-stop shop to test your talents in daily games and win real cash prizes. With this platform, you can create your own fantasy league and play multiple events. We continue to impress our players with innovation without boundaries. We pride ourselves in providing nothing short of flawless and fabulous gaming.

Join us and experience fantasy sports like never before.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I determine my team's standings?

You can see a summary of your teams' performance, league position, and team details from the main menu. Alternatively, go to the Full Standings page and select your league. Please note that private league standings are only accessible via the logged-in area's main menu.

Can I add a team to the competition during the event?

Yes. If the competition is "Open," all-new teams are instantaneous; The team becomes "Pending" if a match is in the process; all "Pending" teams will be finished once the current match's points have been updated. If more than one game is in progress on that day, the pending changes will apply to all games.

Why is changing/transferring a Captain so significantly more expensive than a standard transfer?

To keep the spirit of the game and make it a bit more challenging, you can change your Captain every match. We thought it would be more fun to think about your entire team instead of matching. You can always transfer your Captain, but be warned it will cost you!

My Captain was dropped from the tour. How do you replace them? Is it free?

If a player is forced to miss a series due to injury or other reasons, you will be given an extra transfer to replace them. This rule applies to captains as well as other team members.

Can I change my team during the contest?

Yes. Prior to the start of a competition, unlimited transfers are permitted; once the match begins, a transfer limit is imposed (which varies according to the length of the competition) and can be used to replace injured players or make a managerial tactical change.

Can I win huge with Galicrickets?

There are several contest openings such as Mega Contests and Private Contests with various prizes; you can withdraw up to Rs.10,000. Earn by referring friends.

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